Child of the Moon (moongate) wrote,

Comix & Stories 2008

I was sooo tired when I started out the day. Several days of two paying jobs and the third job of getting ready for the con makes for exhaustion on the final day. This year, in keeping with the idea of Comix & Stories I got inventive with the booth and made a decorative table cloth out of newspaper. Stephanie and I were sharing a table again (creators got half tables). We decided that we were the yin and yang of comics. She was yin. For the most part, the show went in rushes. One of the highlights was Robin Williams coming in. He looked at the books on my table and then thanked me as well as everyone else before leaving. Because the Krazy Festival was going to be winding up I bought a t-shirt. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. I got asked to submit some music oriented comics to a local newspaper (which I need to remember about for later) The afternoon went by fast, and before we knew it the fascist regiem, otherwise known as the Vancouver Art Gallery security, were ordering us out. We packed up as quickly as we could and went for dinner. (to be continued)
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